Tutorgigs partnering with HACU

The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU), the only national association to be representing 500+ institutions in the United States, Latin America and Spain, as well as existing/emerging Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs), is partnering with Teacher & Tutor Gigs (TutorGigs), an organization that provides accessible online tutoring and culturally relevant instruction services to students across schools in the United States. While TutorGigs supports all students, we specifically focus on supporting K-12 students in economically disadvantaged communities, traditionally underserved populations, and communities of color. We have a large and growing population of Hispanic students in K-12 who we are seeking HACU college students and alumni support to serve.

We partnered to give HACU college students and HACU alumni an opportunity to either earn extra money or work full-time fully remote as online tutors to students in elementary through high school while making an impact on students with the greatest needs.

Our goal for you is to become mentors, coaches, and tutors to help expose students to careers as well as help build academic confidence so that our students can follow in your footsteps and pursue higher education and high-demand careers.With your help, young scholars can become the champions of Hispanic success in higher education that HACU envisions.

Teacher & Tutor Gigs (Tutorgigs) helps struggling students become high performers ready for the workplace of tomorrow. Please join us on this mission.

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Tutorgigs is an online tutoring platform that allows teachers, retired/former teachers, college & university students the ability to work from home and create your own schedule all while assisting us to help students in K-12 grow academically in reading, science, math and many more subjects.

Teachers, retired teachers, college & university students that are looking to supplement their income while making a difference in the lives of underserved communities and K-12 students across the United States.

Although it’s a great perk to work at a company where you are in control of your schedule and availability plus work from home, our mission is to create educational equity in underserved students through the tutoring and mentoring we provide and lead them to the pathway to greatness. So if this sounds like a crusade you want to embark on, then join us as we lead the future to greatness!

We are based in Houston, Texas and serve students nationwide.


As a Tutorgigs tutor, your main task is to teach students in online video lessons. At the end of the lesson, you evaluate the learner’s performance.

Basic Qualifications

  • Must be located in the US, the website is not available outside of the country for now. If foreign citizen, you must have an immigration status that allows you to work in the US.
  • A government-issued ID
  • Legal documents (W9)
    Technical Requirements
  • A desktop or laptop
  • A headset with microphone and noise-cancelling features
  • A high-definition webcam with at least 720p resolution
  • A stable wired or wireless Internet connection
    Teaching Environment
  • Quiet location, free of loud distractions
  • Well-lit space
  • Background must be free of inappropriate posters or other distracting items
  • Approved educational backgrounds or posters are encouraged

Just click on the Sign Up button, complete the application form, record your interview, complete the background check then submit legal documents and schedule your training with us.

The application is just a 7-step process which can be completed in as short as one-hour with complete documentations but may also take up to 3 days. For a faster process, please prepare the documentation stated in the application requirements.


Our current rate is $20/hour

You select the method of payment that is best for you during your application process. We pay through DIRECT DEPOSIT, ACH, ELECTRONIC CHECK, or PAYPAL.

We pay every week, which means if you started to work for us last week you will receive payment in the following week. Please keep in mind that the day of your deposit varies depending on your financial institution and method of payment you selected.

You’ll receive your first paycheck in the following week.Your deposit will vary depending on your financial institution and method of payment you selected.